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When it comes to hiring an advertising copywriter, you need someone who knows how to get a response. Ads aren't just about 'brand awareness' or some other fuzzy concept - they're about generating sales and increasing return on investment.

Only an experienced copywriter can deliver the goods.

I'm Tom McSherry, the founder of Premium Online Writing, and I have the copywriting skills you need to boost sales and take your business to the next level.

An Advertising Copywriter Who Understands Sales Psychology

You'll hear a lot of copywriters say their copy helps 'develop your brand.' All too often, this is simply another way of saying they don't think they can deliver you any measurable results.

Most advertising copywriters go straight from college into a salaried agency job. Whether their ads sell or not, they still get paid. There's no risk. No danger. You don't want a junior copywriter who's using your campaign as 'practice.' You want an experienced professional with a track record of success.

I don't come from an ad agency background - I've never had a fixed salary to rely on. As I bootstrapped my way to online business success, if my copy didn't make sales, I didn't make money. I'm an entrepreneur who builds web businesses from the ground up. My real-world baptism of fire in the business world has forced me to develop copywriting skills that lead to sales.

A Copywriter Who Strives to Understand Your Market

Your customer is the most important part of your copy. A copywriter can't create effective copy for your business if he or she doesn't understand your customer.

That's why I work closely with you to understand exactly who you're selling to, the features of what your selling, and how those two click together - why your customers buy from you, and what problems your products solve.

Only then can you speak to customers with vision and clarity, in such a way that buying from you seems like the only intelligent decision to make.

SEO Writing to Increase Visitors and Conversions

We can handle all your advertising flyers and brochure needs, but if it's web advertising you're in need of, we're ready to go above and beyond your expectations.

Premium Online Writing consists of a team of trained SEO (search engine optimization) specialists who understand search engines inside and out.

Not only can we develop web page copy that will draw in free traffic from the search engines, we can optimize your landing pages to work in perfect harmony with our visitor-pulling Pay Per Click ads. This keeps your average click prices low and increases your return on investment.

A Web Advertising Agency with a Difference

Ready to leave the amateurs behind and work with a professional advertising copywriter? It doesn't have to cost you a fortune - as a web advertising agency with professional staff spread out across the globe, we have no physical offices and much lower overheads than a traditional agency as a result.

That means we can deliver top quality advertising copy for a fraction of the usual price.

Contact us now to discuss your ad writing project.

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