An Affordable SEO Service with a Smile

Finding an affordable SEO service is easy - finding one that's reliable and caters to your needs as a client is a little harder.

Many business SEO services think their job ends at delivering the articles or doing the link-building you required. There's something about the nature of online transactions that allows some businesspeople to let relationships and customer service fall by the wayside.

An Easy, Painless Introduction to Outsourcing

We aim to offer an affordable SEO service that will guide you through the process of outsourcing your search engine optimization needs from start to finish.

If you have issues with an article that's delivered or your feel any of the work you receive does not meet the standard you expected, we will replace the articles or fix them up. If you don't understand why we have optimized a page in a particular way, just ask and we'll explain the logic behind it. Every page we create passes a rigorous SEO test to ensure it's properly optimized for the best results.

There's No Mystery to SEO

Some business SEO services like to let their clients believe that there's some secret mystery surrounding the business, as if it's some kind of dark art only understood by a chosen few.

If you're a newcomer to SEO, you'll learn from your experience with outsourcing writing to us so that you may one day have the confidence in your skills and knowledge to optimize your own site.

The Best Way To Optimize a Website

Our focus at Premium Online Writing is all in our name - we seek to provide you with high quality content for your site, which will bring in targeted search engine traffic.

But what if you don't know the first thing about keywords, and you're really not sure where to begin? That's where we come in. We can help you identify the best keywords for your site to target based on search volume and the competition.

Staying on the Same Page

All you have to do is explain to us how big you want the site to be, what your expectations are and give us an idea of the voice you want us to use to speak to your visitors and potential customers. We take it from there.

We can create a list of keywords for you and identify the words that are likely to bring you large amounts of traffic in the short term and those that are worth working on in the long term, despite the competition. Regular email contact or live Skype sessions ensures there's no miscommunication about what's expected.

Establishing a Solid Foundation

Selecting the right keywords and creating a plan for the structure of your site is such an important part of the process of building a site. This is like the foundation for your family home.

You wouldn't build your family home on sand - likewise, you wouldn't waste time and money building a site around a group of keywords when you don't really know how much traffic they may bring, how much competition you have or what the potential for making money from those keywords really is.

Contact Premium Online Writing today for a quote on a full keyword brainstorm and site construction plan that will help you build a profitable business online, and we'll tailor an affordable SEO package to your needs.

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