Article Marketing Research - Finding and Targeting Killer Keywords

Article marketing research is absolutely crucial to your success with this lucrative form of marketing.

If you don't do the research necessary to identify the best keywords for your article marketing efforts, all your work or money on the production end will be wasted.

In this article we're going to break down what makes a good keyword to add to your list of targeted words for an article marketing campaign.

A Good Keyword is High in Demand

This is a fairly obvious point, and it's the one most article marketers will focus on (although, as you'll see, using it as the only indication of a keyword's worth can be detrimental).

In order to know whether a keyword is worth targeting, you need to know roughly how many people are searching for that term on a monthly basis.

This can be discovered through the use of free tools like the Google Keyword Tool or Wordtracker, although free tools tend to give quite a general indication and may not be specific enough for a targeted niche campaign.

In this case you will need to make use of a paid keyword research tool to obtain the most accurate statistics. (When you use Premium Online Writing article marketing services, we do this for you.)

A Good Keyword is Winnable

As mentioned, many beginner article marketers focus too much on keyword demand without respect to its opposite: supply.

A keyword may have an extremely high search volume, but it may also have thousands of other marketers jostling for the top spot at the search engines. This is an equally important aspect of article marketing research.

You need to balance high demand against the level of supply - the competition for a keyword needs to be beatable using the time and resources you have available for article marketing.

Otherwise, there's no point - if you can't get into the top 10 on the search engines, you won't get to enjoy the maximum effects of your efforts.

The number of results returned in a Google search for a keyword can give you a general idea of the number of pages you're up against, and using a PageRank (PR) checking tool to discover the PR of the top results will give you an indication of the competition strength.

Again, these are rough indicators and more specific statistics can be had with paid keyword research tools.

A Good Keyword Provides Targeted Traffic

Now that you know the importance of balancing demand with supply to find winnable keywords, you also need to understand keyword targeting. Finding targeted keywords means finding keywords that are closely related to your products or services, rather than general words.

General words are very hit and miss - specific words related to your monetization methods will bring you visitors who are more likely to be interested in taking an action that will grow your bank account.

A Good Keyword Provides Traffic That Will Monetize

This is closely related to the above point, but needs some elaboration. Consider the differences between the keywords 'free meditation ebook' and 'buy meditation ebook.'

Chances are, 'free meditation ebook' will be higher in demand - after all, lots of people want free stuff. And both these keywords will bring targeted traffic for someone selling a product or service in the meditation niche. However, which of these keywords is more likely to monetize well?

Of course, it's 'buy meditation ebook' because by including the word 'buy,' a searcher is indicating their willingness to spend money on a product.

Therefore, while 'buy meditation ebook' may produce less traffic than 'free meditation ebook,' the first keyword will tend to have a higher conversion rate when it comes to actually making money.

Professional Article Marketing Research

If this all sounds complex, don't worry. You can enjoy the benefits of article marketing without having to wade through the trouble of learning and applying the concepts needed for success.

Using Premium Online writing article marketing services will help you get the results you want with a minimum of fuss by creating quality content and submitting to the best article submission directories. We also now offer a top-notch guest blogging service. Contact us to learn more.

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