Search Engine Copywriting Explained

If you're new to selling online, you'd no doubt like to see the whole business of search engine copywriting explained, plain and simple.

There's a lot of conflicting information out there about how to make your website show up at the top of the search engines. As a result, some website writers get so caught up in trying to please the search engines, they forget their copy has to be read by humans as well.

This search engine optimization article will explain how to balance these two important factors.

The Balance: Writing for Readers and Search Engines

Successful online marketing and web page copywriting is all about balance. You need to strike the perfect balance between optimizing your copy to get the best results at the search engines, while still making sure it's effective for converting visitors.

If you focus only on human readers, you'll end up getting little or no search engine traffic. On the other hand, if you focus only on pleasing the search engines, your copy will sound stilted and strange, and it won't convert well.

When to Ditch a High Demand Keyword

So, how do you decide how to balance the two? When should you include a keyword to help boost traffic? When should you cut a keyword to make your copy more smooth for humans?

The answer is really common sense. Sometimes I see web pages which are optimized for keywords which are grammatically incorrect, or spelled wrong. This is a good example of becoming too obsessed with search engines and not paying enough attention to human readers.

The result is that the writer has to create copy with this strange, grammatically incorrect phrase dotted throughout. Remember that people don't always use proper grammar when they type a phrase into the search engine - but that doesn't mean they expect web pages to be full of phrases with incorrect grammar!

It's just the way people naturally use search engines. If you work those strange-sounding search phrases into your copy, you will immediately lose credibility because it looks as if you can't string together a coherent sentence.

So as a general rule: no matter how high the demand is for a nonsense keyword, if you want to use it in your copy, alter it to make it grammatically correct or leave it out altogether. Your search engine optimization attempts should never lead you to create copy that sounds like it's written by a robot.

Working Long Keyword Phrases into Your Copy

Of course, there are many lucrative, high demand keywords which do make sense, but they're hard to work into your copy. This tends to be the case with four- or five-word keyword phrases ("long tail" keywords) which have unusually high demand. Is this situation you have to get creative.

Try using questions, or using quotation marks and writing a question that may be on the reader's mind, including the keyword within. As long as the keyword phrase makes sense, there's always a creative way to include it in your copy without detracting from the emotional and motivational effects the writing has on your reader.

More Help with Search Engine Copywriting

Now that you've seen search engine copywriting explained in its simplest terms, you may feel more confident in taking on the task yourself. Alternatively, you may feel it's overwhelming or simply not interesting, in which case hiring an expert SEO copywriter may be a more efficient plan. Contact Us today to learn more, or simply read through more of the search engine optimization articles on this site.

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