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Finding a knowledgeable search engine optimization writer, or SEO content writer, is extremely important to generating search engine traffic if you don't know how to do it on your own.

The search engines are one of the best sources of large quantities of visitors who are often willing to buy products and services - after all, they are generally searching for information, and that usually means they have a problem they need to solve.

Let a Professional Do It

Many businesses make the mistake of letting a web developer or programmer do their SEO writing for them. No offence to web developers and programmers, but most of them are not SEO writing experts and sometimes the techniques they use are very much out-of-date.

Let's take a look at some of the signs that a content writer knows little or nothing about SEO - and what you can expect from a good web content writer.

Mistakes Bad SEO Content Writers Make

Here are just a handful of the common mistakes made by SEO article writers with out-of-date SEO knowledge:

  • Keyword stuffing - This is a sure sign of an amateur. Years and years ago, it was possible to manipulate the search engines by repeating a keyword over and over again within the body copy of a page. Luckily, the bright brains at the search engines figured this out pretty quickly and altered their algorithms so that pages stuffed with keywords will be penalized for trying to cheat the system. If your site is currently keyword stuffed, you're undoubtedly ranking lower than you could be at Google and you're probably losing business as a result.
  • Using general keywords - Trying to rank in the top 10 at Google for a general keyword such as 'flights' is a fool's game. Not only is it extremely hard to do, but general keywords tend to bring in less laser-targeted traffic than keyword phrases. A good SEO campaign should be based around plenty of high demand, related keyword phrases - and preferably phrases which imply the searcher intends to spend some money, like 'buy flights to Brazil.'
  • Using too many different keywords - Even worse than sites targeting general keywords are sites targeting about a hundred general keywords for every page. Good SEO content writers know every web page should be built around one main, specific keyword.
  • Not separating keywords with commas in the Keyword Tag - This is another rookie mistake - the search engines use commas to separate the different keyword phrases in your page's Keyword Tag. A string of words unbroken by commas will be read as one long phrase by search engine spiders. (You may have heard that the Keyword Tag is no longer important - that's true in some respects, but it's still important in terms of its relevance to the rest of the page.)

The Secrets Good SEO Writers Know

Those are some of the warning signs that indicate your content writer's SEO knowledge is way out of date or just plain misguided. On the other hand, good SEO writers:

  • Know the difference between targeted, winnable keywords and keywords which are too general
  • Know exactly how many times to repeat the keyword on the page
  • Know all the crucial places the keyword needs to appear on the page
  • Know when and how often to use bold text and headlines to help your rankings
  • Know how to write page titles that increase your click-throughs from the search results pages

Of course, there are other factors involved in getting the words right for readers and for search engines - SEO writing is both an art and a science.

And there are also many off-page criteria that will affect your search engine rankings and traffic, like the number and quality of links coming in to your site.

But all search engine optimization is built on getting the on-page SEO writing factors right first - that's the foundation.

This is why the quality of your SEO writer is so crucial to your success. Contact Us now to hire an SEO article writer and start boosting traffic to your site.

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