3 Crucial Ingredients of 'X Factor' SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing is a fundamental cornerstone of creating an online business presence. Your ability to create (or outsource) excellent search engine optimized content will massively influence where you appear in rankings for key search terms on the big search engines like Google.

That, in turn, will determine how many people find your business through search.

Whether you're a small-time blogger or a marketing executive for a Fortune 500 company, SEO content has to be on your agenda.

And with the roll-out of Google's Panda updates, 'just good enough' content isn't good enough anymore.

Google's Panda algorithm updates altered SEO content
writing for good.

The Panda algorithm changes are Google's latest attempt to clear spam out of their search results. Thousands of sites full of dubious-quality content felt Google's wrath when they lost their rankings – and traffic – overnight.

Many good quality sites got caught in the net by accident, too, but the message was clear: Google intends to pick its search results clean of spam and low-quality content, and it's going to happen sooner rather than later.

The age of outsourcing massive quantities of writing to bottom-barrel SEO writing services is well and truly over. In order to excel in the age of Google Panda and social media buzz, you need content with X Factor.

Creating Memorable Content

Any half-decent writer can put a few keywords in the right place. Your SEO content writer should know on-page website optimization back to front and inside out – that's the bare minimum.

But that's just not enough to create memorable content – and memorable content is what you need to thrive.

Here are the 3 crucial ingredients of X Factor SEO content writing.

Crucial Ingredient 1: Passion

Great SEO content writing has passion behind it. Think of this article as an example: can you tell I care about what I'm saying here? I know my business inside and out – I have a commitment to doing a great job for my clients – and that shines through when I write about writing.

Likewise, the content on your site needs to have that inexplicable air of excitement about it. It needs to pop off the page and grab the reader. It needs to be engaging.

Readers can tell the difference between passionate writing and detached writing – writing that's been created as 'chore' by SEO writing companies who don't care about their clients or their clients' readers. You can guess which engages readers more – and makes them more likely to become your next customer.

Crucial Ingredient 2: Knowledge

When people want information, they want it to come from an authority. An expert.

They want to know that what they're reading has been thoroughly researched – not just made up off the top of the writer's head.

Unfortunately, when you're trying to raise your profitability by outsourcing SEO content writing, often you end up with exactly that – writing made up off the top of someone's head.

There's no in-depth research, no analysis, no synthesis. It's just an echo of what's already out there on the web. It doesn't give you a unique angle. You appear as a follower in your market, not a leader.

As a result you may have a hard time finding professional SEO services you can trust with creating content you'll be happy to attach your brand name to.

Content that doesn't fit in with the expert-authority angle of your brand can easily put a big dent in your reputation. When it comes to content marketing, preserving and protecting your reputation is paramount.

Crucial Ingredient 3: Verbal Flair

Passion and knowledge are essential for creating great content, but even with those two nailed, a writer without the right technical skills of written expression can end up bombing an otherwise-excellent blog post or article.

Verbal flair doesn't mean complexity – in fact, SEO content writing should be no more complicated than it needs to be. In the context of SEO, verbal flair means expressing exactly what you intend to say, as succinctly and clearly as possible.

Writing with verbal flair creates epiphanies ('Aha' moments) in readers through careful word selection, the rhythm of sentences and the perfect placement of punctuation for dramatic effect.

How We Can Help

How many freelancers or SEO writing services do you know of that can consistently produce content with all 3 of the above crucial ingredients of X Factor content?

I'm guessing the answer is none. But that's exactly what I've built Premium Online Writing to do: produce X Factor content for our clients.

Premium Online Writing is not an SEO writing service that churns out cookie-cutter content. We take an active interest in your business, so we can create content with that spark of passion behind it.

My writers and I all have next-level research and information synthesis skills. On top of that, we have a range of writers with specialized abilities in different topics, so we can create expert quality SEO content writing for a vast array of markets and industries – without the astronomical prices of technical writers.

And last but not least, I hand-pick writers who have the verbal flair necessary to make an article come to life. We want your site readers awake, engaged, and paying attention – not falling asleep or scrambling to click the 'Back' button on their browser to go find your competition.

Contact Us now for a quote if you'd like to free up more time and increase your long-term profitability with X Factor SEO content writing for your site.

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