SEO Internet Marketing: A Bird's Eye View of How SEO Works

SEO Internet Marketing is the art and science of getting your website to rank at the top of the results pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO (search engine optimization) can appear as a very difficult strategy to understand – one only suited to analytics geeks and professionals with decades of experience.

And that's an accurate view, to an extent – SEO gets really complicated at the advanced levels, and doing something wrong when you're not up to date on best practices can lead to your site getting banned from Google altogether.

That said, the big picture of SEO is pretty simple (the devil is in the details). When you're taking a bird's eye view look at SEO Internet Marketing, there's only two key elements you need to understand: content and inbound links.

SEO Internet Marketing Key Element 1: Your Content

Content is the bedrock of your SEO Internet Marketing efforts. Any solid search engine marketing strategy grows out of keyword-focused content. Content, for the most part, refers to written articles and blog posts – although it can also be things like biography pages, videos, and images.

When you're competing for the top position in Google for a tough keyword, average content isn't enough. You need to have next-level content – amazing content.

Now, once again – the devil is in the details here. There's a whole lot of work that comes before you even create content, in the form of finding good keywords which will bring traffic but aren't too competitive.

You also have to plan out the structure of your site – how each page will link to other pages – before you even begin. So it's not as simple as just slapping up a few articles, even if the information in those articles is top quality.

SEO Internet Marketing Key Element 2: Your Inbound Links

The second key element, once you have started the ball rolling with excellent content, is inbound links. This simply means links coming to your site from another site. Generally speaking, the more links you can get the better – but with links, quality trumps quantity.

Now, you can see how Key Element 1 and Key Element 2 are closely related here. Top quality content attracts top quality links all on its own, without you having to do anything.

But with competitive search terms, that often isn't enough. You have to adopt strategies to get more links of the right kind. (Links of the wrong kind will hurt you more than they help you).

So what are 'links of the right kind'? Links that come from websites Google views as being authority sites in your market. The authority of a site is loosely indicated by a measure called Google PageRank (although there's a lot more to it than that).

The authority of a website, in turn, relates to the number and quality of links coming into it. So once you have enough links from other authority sites, your site itself will become an authority. You'll then find it much easier to rank for bigger and harder keywords.

Bear in mind, it's not, 'Build content, then build links.' Both processes are ongoing and need to be happening at the same time. The more quality content and quality links you can build, the more traffic you'll get and the more sales you'll make.

You can use the free version of the SEO Spyglass software to get an idea of how many links your site has and what kind of quality they are.

The Big G (And Those Other Two): The Importance of Google Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search, you're probably aware that Google dominates the market. In fact, Google have been dominating so much for so long that its two main competitors – Bing and Yahoo – decided to join forces. Yahoo search results are now delivered by the Bing search engine.

Estimates differ, but it's safe to say Google has captured over 60% of the search market. Some analysts say it's more like 80%.

Bottom line: when you're developing your search engine marketing strategy, you want to focus on Google. Yahoo and Bing will send a bit of traffic, but they're the icing on the cake. Google is the main course.

How Much Does Search Engine Optimization Cost?

That's a complex question to answer, because there are many different search engine optimization services available. For instance, an SEO audit will be priced a lot differently from a link-building package.

A link-building package, in turn, will be priced differently from a high quality optimized content article or SEO press release.

These optimized content pieces are our specialty here at Premium Online Writing. Contact us to get a price quote for your SEO content production plans.

Some SEO services are grossly overpriced. Many search engine optimization companies charge thousands of dollars a month for work that should only cost several hundred dollars.

On the other hand, some services offer very low prices, but their services are ineffective.

The price itself is not the most important factor – it's whether the service has the expertise to produce real rankings improvements and increases in your traffic. If they can't, then you're wasting your money no matter how cheap the service is.

Hiring a Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Now you have a rough idea of what SEO Internet Marketing is all about, you can make a more informed decision about hiring a search engine optimization specialist to help you improve your search engine ranking. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I have enough great content?
  • Do I have enough good quality inbound links? (Use SEO Spyglass to check)
  • Are my existing pages optimized properly?
  • Have I chosen my keywords well based on proper keyword research?
  • Is my site structured in a way that makes sense?

Answering these questions will let you know what you need most – an SEO audit, new content, keyword research, link building services, and so on.

If you have any doubts or you have no idea where to begin, contact us now and ask for a site audit from one of our search engine optimization specialists.

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