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Aside from the writing of the content itself, the website content software you use can make a huge difference to the success of a commercial site.

The right software can save you hours of your precious time in formatting and uploading your content to the web. The right content packages can also save you the time investment and strain of having to learn to write code for the web.

The software used for this website is a part of the Site Build It! package from SiteSell, which in my opinion is the most complete all-in-one e-business package available.

Site Build It: The All-in-One Online Business Website Content Software

Site Build It is much more than just a content management system. It provides you with all the essential tools you need to build a successful commercial website - even if you have absolutely no knowledge of HTML or coding.

This alone shaves weeks or months off the learning curve of getting started online. (Of course, for seasoned HTML pros, the option to upload your own HTML pages also exists.)

Free Is Costly

You might be thinking, "Okay, but why not just set up a free blog? I don't need to learn HTML for that." This is where some of Site Build It's other features really come into their own.

SBI is designed to ensure you create a site which will gravitate to the top of the search engines - free blogging companies have no such desire to help you succeed. And that's why so many bloggers fail.

Automatic Search Engine Optimization Checks

Not only does SBI come with a comprehensive keyword research tool, it also has a built-in function that automatically checks if your pages are properly optimized for the search engines before you build them. You simply check the optimization, preview the page to makes sure it looks right, and then click the Built It button.

This can all be done within SBI's Blockbuilder - a kind of article writing software crossed with a keyword analysis software. You don't even need to know HTML (although you can upload your own HTML pages if you prefer).

SBI then automatically updates the status of your website with all the major search engines, so you don't have to waste your own time trying to get your pages indexed. With SBI, it's all on auto-pilot.

On top of that, SBI gives you a search engine ranking report which tells you where each of your pages is ranking for its main keyword at Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask. It also provides suggestions for fixing up pages that aren't ranking as well as you'd like.

Next-Level Keyword Analysis Software

One of the most valuable tools included in SBI is the keyword analysis software: the Brainstorm It module and Master Keyword List, . If you're simply relying on the Google Keyword Tool to find keywords for your website, you're likely building pages around words you have little or no chance of ever ranking well for.

SBI provides you not only with the demand numbers for a keyword, but also the supply - the number of pages on the web which are optimized for that keyword.

This gives you a much clearer indication of the competition for a keyword than the number of total pages returned by a Google search for that keyword. What's more, you can use the Site Info function to check out the strength of the competition for each keyword phrase, seeing important information like the number and strength of inbound links to each competitor, all in one place.

E-Business Education

Beyond just the features and functions, SBI was one more notable benefit which other website content software choices lack - a comprehensive Action Guide which walks you through the entire process of building a profitable website, from choosing a niche market right through to implementing monetization plans.

Clearly, SBI is a web content software product whose users like me can't stop recommending. But the true success stories and case studies on the SBI website speak for themselves - and now you can try out SBI yourself on a monthly basis for $29.99. Read more about how SBI can help your online business reach it's goals.

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